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We Will Remember Them.

They shall grow not old,as we that are left grow old;Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sunand in the morning, We will remember them,we will remember them.

Those are so touching words but they will never heal the children whoses parents or siblings are out fighting in the war. Never.

But i have relatives who died in the WW1 and WW2 Alfred Charles Knock died in an explosion on HMS Irene in Chatham, he was 19 years of age.

This year on angel hill the 2 minutes silence was very touching to me as i saw a boy younger than me with his mum wearing his dads medals from the war; i was close to tears because that boy was so brave to come out to angel hill and face everyone because he was scarred for ever that day when his dad died or his family member died. People like that inspire me,people who fought for OUR country we should be proud of them We Shall remember them.

The Big Bang Theory!

Im well into the big bang theory at the moment im watching it on dvd boxset from series 1 and also series 7 i think on e4 every thursday at 8:30 pm! It is a really good tv show to watch and learn from because it is mainly based on science and around 4 Men who work at cal tech in pasedena california in the United States! Look it up it is very funny! And watch it on thursdays e4 at 8:30pm!!


Today was a good day and a good day indeed because we watched a film in english had fun in maths went to the library in geography had great fun in science and pe and then came home look at the tv schedule and bazinga The Big Bang Theory 8:30 i was like yay! Everything about today was good apart from the fact i twisted my ankle at break playing a good old game of it! I went to medical and got an ice pack and it started to stop hurting so it wasnt such a bad day but it could of been better! Tommorow is friday that means its nearly the weekend!!!

Important Day In Catholicism

This Day 224 years ago The first ever Catholic Bishop in the united states was appointed by Pope Pius VI. The Bishop was called Father John Carroll, John was the founder of Georgetown University which is a private research university in Washington DC!!!! They also have a university mascot called Jack The Bulldog! His full name is John S.Carroll the same name as the founder of the university so even 224 years on he is not forgotten! Later on in his life he was made an Archbishop! The way the catholic religion works with its priests and canons and archbishops is very different to the way the Christian religion works!

Anyway That is my blog post for today!

Remember Remember The Fifth Of November!

remember remember the fifth of november is a rhyme we all know! The rhyme is based on the true story of guy fawkes and his crew when they tried to blow up the houses of parliament with gunpowder lots of it! That is why we celebrate with fireworks which have gunpowder in! But what happened was one if his crew betrayed guy fawkes and told the king what was going to happen and to go somewhere else quickly! And the king did! Guy fawkes tries to light the first canon of gunpowder but the flame was racing down the stick and then it stopped and then the guards appeared and everyone in the gunpowder plot was killed and guy Fawkes was quartered!(i don’t know about the others!)
So that is my post for today! Please comment and tell me if you had fireworks or went to see fireworks!

Monday Blues:(

We all get the monday blues sometimes because well its monday!
Today was an alright day it wasnt amazing because i got homework! But English and Music were good! (as they always are!) I also found out today that Felix Mendhelhson(hope ive spelt it right!!) died on this day in the 1840’s. He is famous for his piece The Wedding March! I wonder if it was a monday when he died if it was it was serious monday blues for him!!!

Today 5 Years Ago

On This Day 5 years ago the 4th November 2008, America was about to change its History for ever…

Little did they know An African/American would win the election,this meaning that Barack Obama would be the first ever African/American President of the United States. If i was Barack Obama at this time i would be very scared and very nervous but also amazed by the response he got when he was elected.

So Today Is Barack Obamas 5 Year As President Of The United States!

Tips on First Day Back at school after Half Term!


Tips for back to school after half term…

1)Clean out your bag,any stray pieces of paper from the last half term which you dont need bin!

2) If you have a locker clean out that to and make sure you always have a spare pen and pencil in case of an emergency!

3) If you wear Deodrant take a spare stick of deodrant in, incase you get really sweaty after Pe or Lunch!

4) Dont have a bad first day back because if you do you might not get a good report whenever you get it!

5)Make sure you still remember your timetable and where to go!